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Training Programs 

No matter what you are trying to accomplish in the gym Hercules Fitness has a program for you. Each program has been developed through live trials and research to ensure they get you the results you're looking for. My programs are designed to get you the focused result in a way that is simple and easy to follow. Don’t think anymore because the only thing you have to do now is ACTIVATE.  With new programs always being made there is also something new to challenge yourself with.


Get Phit

An all around workout program designed to help you increase your muscle metabolism and drop that body fat. A mix of cardio and strength training to target all the muscles in the body and have people asking if you can train them.

Pancakes to Peaches

Turn those pancakes into peaches and get that wagon you have wanted. Walk into the gym needing hazards for the absolute dump truck that you are about to have back there.


Shredded 4 Summer

Shred those pounds of fat off while building lean muscle. Go into the summer looking shredded and ready for the good vibes and sun light.

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